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About us

A(A)IP Sighnagis raionis mravalshvilian dedata da bavshvta dakhmarebis komiteti was founded in Sighnaghi district, the sity of Tsnori.  Initially, the organizational existence existed in Sighnaghi district, village Bodbiskhevi, In the eastern part of Georgia. After that the Ministry of Health visited the organization, It became noticeable, that the housing social conditions did not comply with the norms laid down by the norm, and that’s why it was decided that the center was able to continue its existence in the city of Tsnori, where possible to improve conditions, that’s why on January 5, 2014, the center moved to Tsnori in Rutaveli Street N43. The building is equipped with modern equipment, which made a great contribution, representatives of trips and private institutions, it was equipped with utility conditions, entered the gas , Water Supply System (Cold and hot water supply), there are also special purpose furniture and household appliances, which is not necessary to have limited children. The building is surrounded by a yard and a floral garden.

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